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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Morning Folks 08 09 06

Tomorrow is my last day as a Town of Sudbury employee. It has been 16 years of truly interesting and rewarding work. I have had my frustrations but mostly I feel satisfied with what I have accomplished in these years, especially the last 10 as Town Accountant. The last two years as Finance Director have been very rewarding...demanding and difficult at times, but the payoff has been great. We had a nearly squeeky clean audit and that is a first.

The people I work with are such hard working and dedicated employees, but also have become my friends. I will miss them. They are having a retirement party for me tomorrow night and I am grateful that I will have an opportunity to thank them all. I have heard through the grapevine there are going to be some finance people friends of mine from other towns, our outside auditors, some retirees I worked with in the past and even some Department of Revenue people in attendance. It will be fun to see who shows up. I hope I don't say something silly. We all want our parting words to be profound and memorable but I just hope I can leave them laughing. Or crying. I keep reminding my DPW Director this is a retirement party and not a roast! We'll see. It has been a great time. But now, on to my new life with Ed.

My Town Manager writes in her newsletter this week:

"Goodbye and Happy Retirement
This is the last week of work for Sue Petersen, our fabulous Finance Director/Town
Accountant, who has chosen to retire and live a life of ease rather than continuing to work long hours, attend night meetings and listen to the rest of us
complain. I can’t imagine what she is thinking!
Be sure to let Sue know how much you appreciate her many years of
service to the Town and how hard she has worked to insure that the high
goals the Town’s great financial management team set for themselves have all been
achieved, and how much we will miss her!"

Just thought I'd share!


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  1. You really are leaving? I'm still in denial. Thanks for the support, good humor and faith. I will miss you terribly. Lots of love to you and Ed. Have a wonderful journey together.


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