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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Morning Folks 08 01 06

Did you remember your rabbits today? I hope so! I want you all to have good luck all month long!

I am still getting feedback on the posting about the crescent wrench. My childhood friend Cheryl Hunter from Eugene, OR writes:

But the real question is not about wrenches but is about what you callthese brand names that have become generic names, i.e., Kleenex, Xerox(for copy), Tylenol, etc. Someone once told me the term that refers tosuch brand-to-generic names but I've lost it a long time ago, andoften thought what a great piece of trivia if I remembered. Want toput that out as a question? Cheryl

I tried to find the term Cheryl was referring to and the only thing I could find was "genericize". I did find the following information on these kinds of words and a lengthy list:

The following list comprises those names which were originally created and used as trademarks, but which have subsequently become entirely synonymous with the common name of the product or service. If any of the original registrations for the trademarks appearing in this list remain in force, it is unlikely that the registered owners would be able to successfully enforce their exclusive rights against third parties.
Some common names for products or services are popularly believed to be genericized trademarks, however this in not the case as the names were never originally created or used as trademarks. Some examples are listed below.

And not a crescent wrench in the bunch!



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  1. Zeppelin - Dirigible airship, also very energetic, vigorous young man, see also Blonde and knowitall.


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