And climb the stairs to the beach...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Morning Folks 08 08 06

The John Eatons arrived at the Cape after a long day of traveling on trains, planes and automobiles...and buses.

Indigo shows us her new skill of walking.

And Arabella gets ready to begin her photo-log of her vacation on the Cape.

Indigo is ready for the beach! Sunglasses and all.

First things first! Time to eat at Aunt Kathy's house.

Cousin Erin gets reaquainted with Arabella.

It was a very long day for Robin and John.

Aunt Kathy serves up the beans.
Joanna is surrounded and seems to be enjoying it!


Watermelon was a big hit, especially with Arabella.

Zeppelin was't quite as fond of the watermelon as he was of spitting the seeds

So glad you're all here!


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