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Monday, February 27, 2006

Morning Folks 02 27 06

I googled images with the word "cold" this morning. Because it is Frigid here today, and these are some of the pictures that came up. Just as February is ending, wouldn't you think we would see some warming of the atmosphere? No, not a chance. Just have to keep the faith that spring is on its way...some day.

Blue seems to be the color that artists use to represent 'cold'. I suppose that is the color one turns, but when I think of really cold, I think grey and white.

I love how the artist has the subject of his painting bowing his head against the wind. Even the horses are bowing. It really makes me want to pull my collar up around my chin.

This picture reminds me of one that was in one of my picture books when I was little. The trainyard seemed cold in that picture, too. I wonder what it is about train yards?

This is how my street looked on Saturday. I hunkered down for the day. Nothing like warm flannel on a day like that.

I have a feeling this little boy might not want to go home, for some reason. Maybe he stayed outside sledding too long and is late for supper. Or maybe home isn't a happy place. Whatever the reason, I know he'd love a cup of hot chocolate.

I think parts of the midwest must be the coldest place in the country during the winter. Bleakest.

If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it. ~Lucy Larcom

Have a great day, and keep warm!


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  1. It was in the 80's today down here in St. Thomas.


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