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Sunday, February 12, 2006

February 12, 2006

I made a new discovery, thanks to Kathy and George Watson, (Ed's sister and brother-in-law who are also my friends and soon to be my sister-in-law and brother-in-law).

There is a tool in Google for maps that shows you maps with aerial views with such detail, I actually can see an aerial picture of my house at 12 vinal street. You can even see that my grass isn't as healthy looking as my neighbors'. Although I think it is zeroing in on my neighbor, I can still find my house.,-71.555114&spn=0.003439,0.009109&t=h

If you link to this page, I am the 3rd house on Vinal south of Welsh Street. These must be maps from a GIS database, but I think it is fascinating. You can see trees and bodies of water and even find MALLS and buildings and all sorts of things! It is so much fun.

To get to this useful tool, go to You will see a map of the United States. Then click on the word HYBRID. Then put in your addresses in the find box or click on Get Directions. If you get directions, you will see a route and you can hold down your left mouse key and move along the route by moving the map under the curser. Or on any spot on any map, you can hold down the left mouse button an move the map around. Then you can zoom in along the way and see incredible detail of your route.

I found where I work, too! I just love this. I hope you will too. Amazing what gets me excited, isn't it? Some places that are remote might not give you an aerial of your home. Like Cindy's house is not shown, but her woods are. And I found Chuck's house in Dennisport, although the detail isnt quite as good as it is for mine. When there are trees it is harder to see and some areas haven't had updated pictures taken yet of specific neighborhoods.

I found Sue's place in Batavia,(Miss you, friend.) Having never been there I am not sure which building she lives in.

I found Marilyn and Denny's house on Martha's Vineyard at Hines Point Vineyard Haven. Can you believe the detail? You can even see her kitchen!

I found Kathy's house and the trailer park on the Cape and her other home in Kissimee on BunnyHop Ave or is it Carrot Top St. (just kidding) . Imagine my surprise when I found that they took the satellite photo when I was actually there. What a coincidence! They got a nice shot of George and Allison right in their living room.

As I continue looking in the site, I see John's house in Hixson, TN; Ed's house in East Ridge and the many spots in Chattanooga I will be exploring soon.

I see Mom's house quite clearly in St. Pete. I see Dad and Inez in Naples.
I can even see where we are going to spend our honeymoon, but I won't divulge that informaton.

I see Becky's place in Stow and I think I can even see her car. I see Cuz Liz in San Luis Obispo. I see Melinda and George and Linda and Frank. I see our Franklin friends and all my DooBees out there.

I feel like the teacher on Romper Room with her magic mirror!

Anyway, have fun with it and remember as I spend my last few months in Massachusetts, maps can be useful when you all come to see me in Chattanooga!But they do have planes, too!


PS. For those of my friends and loved ones who are gullible, and you know who you are, they really didn't take pictures of our living rooms. But I bet they can!
PPS. Speaking of 1950s TV shows...I learned this week that Rex Trailer is recuperating in a rehab in Sudbury after a fall. He is doing well and should soon go home. Good Old Boomtown! For those of you who didn't grow up in MAssachusetts you won't know who I am talking about.

But he was a local TV Icon when TV was in its infancy. He was a personal friend and fellow Kiwanian of Dad's and was a frequent visitor at Sudbury Drug for breakfast back in the Day. I learned that he is still sharp as a tack, charming and remembers everyone, including my sister Cindy who as a little girl used to go horseback riding with Rex and his daughter. Come to find out Rex's sister, Lorraine, was in Ed's class in school and Kathy knew him from the Cape somehow, too. Talk about 6 degrees of separation! Good Luck and best wishes to Rex.

For a better look at some more recent pictures of Rex.

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  1. I always liked Rex Trailer's show. I have a couple of pictures with me on his horse. He brought his horse to a place in West Yarmouth and kids were allowed to sit on the horse and have their pictures taken. His brother, Dallas, also went to D-Y high school, but I can't remember if he was older or younger. I think he was a couple of years older.


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