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Friday, October 11, 2013

The Pie Man Returneth

Last night Ed burst through the door, with a satisfied look on his face and a pie in his hand!

In fact he had two pies, in those white cardboard bakery boxes that are always so intriguing! Ed had his second and final pie making class last night. As you might recall, last week was Tart night and this was what he brought home to me:

In this week's class they worked on full size pies, perfecting the crust recipes and learning about rolling it out, etc. He made two pies, one already baked and ready to sample and one was ready to freeze or bake in the future.

First, was a lovely pumpkin pie, a great choice for a novice pie maker. One crust pies are always easier than two. But it was lovely and perfectly baked. The crust was flaky, the filling not overly spiced and very tasty. And, he even stopped on his way home to get some Redi-Whip. (although real whipped cream would have been preferable, it's the next best thing.) For this pie,  I'd give him an A+.

For the filling, they used real pumpkin puree instead of canned. It was delicious!

The second pie, not yet baked, was a lattice topped cherry pie. That one we will freeze and bake to bring to our next dinner party, no doubt. I think he did a terrific job on the lattice work, don't you?  I can't give him a grade on taste, but it gets another A+ for presentation!

As I write this shortened edition of my blog this morning, I am enjoying a wonderful breakfast of a slice of pumpkin pie and a nice steamy cup of Dunkin's Pumpkin coffee. Mmmmmmm. I suppose this really isn't on the Weight Watchers plan, but it is nutritious. It's made with fresh ingredients, including pumpkin, so I am thinking, this could be considered health food. Wouldn't you agree?

I have the best husband!!!!!!

Have a great day,

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  1. OK Susie, I'm back on track and remember how much I enjoyed you back with Brushstrokes from the Heart. You know I just got burnt out and almost stopped blogging at all, and then decided to change my format and just do quickie posts..thus Got a Minute or Two. I'm back and will follow you on fb and your blog.
    BTW...I would love a slice of that pie this morning with my coffee....Yumm!


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