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Friday, October 04, 2013

From Tarts to Toads

Today's blog covers several things in order to make up for the lag between this one and the previous blog. You see, I have been quite busy these past few day so I thought I'd fill you in on what's been happening. After all, the word "blog" is short for Weblog so, I am more or less writing a log of what's been going on in my life lately. All fascinating stuff, for sure! 

Although it doesn't have anything to do with Tarts or Toads, as today's title might imply, falling somewhere between the two, I have been getting back into the swing of golf. (pun intended). We had our first Ladies' Day Nine Hole event on Tuesday. My friend Karen and I and another lady were a team of three. Most teams were foursomes, but it isn't "season" here yet and there weren't that many playing. Ordinarily there are 10 or more teams out there, but this week we had but five. This greatly reduced the prize money, however, it conversely increased the odds of winning that reduced prize money.

Karen and me at some event. I don't drink beer so those all must have been hers. We have lots of laughs wherever we go. Drinks or no drinks. 
Anyway, I happened to have one of my better days out there, not making too many mistakes. We always have fun, which is the watchword of the Niners, as opposed to those Eighteen Holers who are way too cutthroat for me. But for the Niners last Tuesday, because we had a team with just three players and the game was "best 2 of 4" they did what's called a "blind draw". As I understand it, the computer chooses another player's score and adds it to ours as if she were on our team. Well, apparently, our blind golfer was a very good player because, miracles of miracles, we won! We each won $10 credit in the pro shop which will buy me a pair of socks or half a hat. Come to think of it, I wonder if we had to split the prize money with that blind golfer? I'm not sure that's fair!

So, on to Tarts! Ed decided to take a pie making class with the Collier County Continuing Ed program. Some of you may not know that Ed spent many years in his younger days working in kitchens around Cape Cod. (I mean kitchens in restaurants, not just kitchens in random houses around the area.) In the Navy Ed was in charge of the whole ship's kitchen and fed hundreds. And for part of his time in the service, he was the Captain's own chef for a while, feeding just the elite on board. (I don't think they really called him that, but it sounds sort of like the 'Queen's Own Scribe' or something like that and I thought you'd get the idea.)

So, Ed knows his way around a kitchen but had never baked. I must interject a comment here. Ed complains all the time that I don't cook for him. But I told him well before we were married that I do not like to cook. The smoke detector in our home was the dinner bell for my kids. They seldom had anything for supper that wasn't baked with some kind of macaroni, all in one dish or something served for breakfast in most homes. However, in my own defense, I could bake them a nice birthday cake or a batch of cookies. And I've baked my share of pies, as well.

Back to the story. Ed decided that since he had never baked before, he would learn how.

I am not sure why he was inspired to do so simultaneously with me signing up for Weight Watchers for the ska-tie-eighth time, but he did. And last night was his first night at class. His class started at 6:00 and I waited with bated breath to see what tempting tidbit he'd bring home to me. Sure enough, around 9:30 he came bursting through the door, bakery box in hand, beaming with pride. He told me it was tart night and that he'd had more fun at this class than he'd had in a long time. Hmmm...

Of course I was thinking of all kinds of cute little quips about that tart night thing until he opened the box and revealed his tiny works of art! I was so impressed. It took me quite by surprise, I must say. So artfully assembled and professionally presented were these little gems that I, too, was beaming with pride for him! He had made several unfilled little tart shells along with some beautiful fruit tarts, filled with pastry creme and fresh fruit.

Ed is not one to hide his light under a bushel, No! (anybody else remember that song?) After the photo shoot, he immediately went next door to Ron and Sandy's house, even though it was 9:30 at night and we live in a community of early retirees who eat dinner at 4:30 so as not to miss Happy Hour. 

Ron and Sandy sampled Ed's tarts
He gave our friends one of his two treasures to try and of course they were mightily impressed. I, being on Weight Watchers, had one little bite of the remaining tart and had to agree with Sandy, it was delicious.

Ed had a great day yesterday. Aside from his success in the kitchen, he also shot a 48 that morning playing 9 holes before the rain came. I just thought I'd throw that in there, since I didn't want you to think Ed was a one-trick-pony!

Headstand on his 60th birthday in 2009. Rotator cuff surgery 21 days later.
So, on to the Toad part of this blog...

...On second thought, I think I will save that Toads for part two! Stay tuned!

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I can say this with authority since I've seen many a gorgeous tart in person in France- those look fantastic!!! Like the real thing!


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