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Monday, May 30, 2011

Lily Went to the Beach

Lily went to the beach on Cape Cod over Memorial Day Weekend. I wasn't there, but her mom sent me a photo. She is the sweetest little thing and it will only be a week before I will get to see her again.

But looking at her photo, I think it is interesting to note that as I am fixin' to turn 60, she and I have the same figure. I guess it's the way of things, nature and all. We go back to the way we were when we were infants.

Men, for example sometimes lose their hair going back to the loveable bald look of infancy. They may lose some muscle mass and move a little slower as they age. They  may start to drool...actually, there isn't a lot of difference between men of any age. Not to paint them with the same broad brush, but everything else pretty much is unchanged anyway.

But us women, well, think about it. We get our large round tummies and big thighs back. Thanks to gravity, our boobs are invisible, well, at least they aren't where they once were, so they are at times difficult to locate. We sometimes have to roll over to get up from sitting on the floor, or maybe we need assistance. Some of us love anything that comes in a bottle. We enjoy naps. We don't sleep through the night, but a bottle can help a little. We cry easily, but get over it pretty quickly, especially if someone offers us a bottle. We are easily distracted by anything that glitters and we love to talk, even if at times we don't always make sense. It still gets it off our chests.

And don't we love hats? Some of us look better in them than others, but we still love to try them on if we see them in the store.

This season, I think I should look for a bathing suit like Lily wore to the beach. It is very flattering to her shape, and so it would also be to mine.

The one thing I am still working on that Lily has down cold is, that no matter what, she knows she is just fabulous! We can all take a lesson from Lily on that one!

Enjoy your June, and don't forget your rabbits on Wednesday!


Friday, May 27, 2011

Feel Good Friday May 27 2011

So, my niece the J-ster, which is the way she refers to herself and all the characters in her blog, is hosting Feel Good Friday postings, so I thought I would try it, too.

The idea is to write about everything that happened during the week that makes you feel good. That's pretty simple, I think. So, let's see for this week:

Monday, we had our granddaughter Arabella overnight for a visit. It's been a long time since we've been able to match up our schedules, so it was really good to spend time with her again. She is a straight A student who last week was inducted into the National Elementary Honor Society as a 4th grader.

She is the best helper to her Grandma when she visits. This visit we had breakfast out on the deck, which we always like to do when the weather is good. The deck is up pretty high and level with some of the trees so it's a great spot to watch the birds and to watch Maggie watch the birds.

After we had breakfast, we went to the Chicamauga Dam where there is a lovely picnic area and swimming spot right on the Tennessee River. Grampa and the A-ster went in. Grandma took the pictures. We had lunch and went for an ice cream before bringing A-ster home

We had a day off between granddaughter visits. On Thursday we had the little one over who is 5 and just finished Kindergarten. It was a rainy day so instead of having another day at the River, Grandma and Indigo went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D. It was a lot of fun. She's a lot of fun. She comes up with some very funny statements. At dinner the night before, she was trying to tell jokes with her older brother and sister, but just couldn't grasp why it isn't so funny when you tell the same joke with just one little fact changed. The joke about the blonde who asked why the crowd kept asking for the coin to be returned from the coin toss when she heard "Get the quarterback!" just didn't work when Indigo changed the joke by simply changing the venue to a baseball game. When I told her recently I had seen an Indigo Bunting at the bird feeder, she told her father that Grandma saw an Indigo Dumpling. I actually like that name better.

But she was worn out and minutes after rendezvousing with her dad so he could take her home, she was fast asleep.

Tomorrow our grandson Zeppelin comes for his turn over night. He's 12 and pretty self-sufficient as long as he has a big TV and a computer. I take them one at a time because if not, Grandma would be the one sound asleep in the car!
And, one more Grandchild related Feel Good Friday item:  I had a wonderful long chat with Kim, my daughter-in-law and Mom of new granddaughter Lily, and could hear Lily in the background, cooing and chatting. Later that day I received my weekly picture of Lily in a new outfit that Grammy sent her. Isn't she adorable? They all are!

Add captionThe Hunt For Henrietta
One more feel good Friday item that has nothing to do with spending time with Grandkids is that I made my own self-imposed deadline for my weekly genealogy blog I call The Hunt for Henrietta. I try to post them every Thursday, so I always feel good on Fridays when they post on time!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

May 1, 2011 Fascinators~

I love Princess Kate's Fascinators! Don't you? Hers always are so tasteful and really so flattering.

Some of the Fascinator's at the Royal Wedding on Friday were wild! I like the idea of them. They are really just hair bands with "things" stuck on them, so I think they must be fairly comfortable to wear.

But Princess Beatrice's Fascinator, Andrew and Fergie's daughter, was so strange we couldn't stop wondering, WHY?
Here's another Fascinator Princess Beatrice was photographed in some time before the wedding:
Again. WHY?
But I am not impressed by any of these, really. Our Lily has been wearing Fascinators since she was just day's old.

One of Lily's early selections.

Combination of Fascinator and Cloche

Just lovely.

Fascinators are preferred over the confining feel of a bonnett.

10 Days old and So stylish

Lily! Just Fascinating.
 HAPPY MAY everyone!
Hope you said your rabbits!

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