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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Morning Folks May 6, 2009

Monday, Ed and I met my bro-in-law Steve and niece Steff down at Agnes Scott College, where they were for just a day to clear out her dorm room for the summer. We got a tour of the school, which is lovely, and helped move out a few last things, enjoyed a quick lunch and a DQ ice cream and they headed home to CT and we headed back to Chattanooga.

That visit brought me back to my college days and got me thinking about all we did to prepare for life in school. That old saying "this is not a dress rehearsal" is something young people don't think about a lot and older folks, like me, think about all the time. But I still feel that sometimes we all need to remember that being in the present is the real goal. It's tough, though, when so much of your future depends on your choices now. I guess at this stage in my life, my perspective is a little different than a college kid starting out.

Yet, from the time I was a youngster in school, I remember thinking and asking 'How come everything I do is for next year? When do we do something for right now?' Was I too impatient? Maybe. But I got to thinking about it and wrote a little poem about it this morning.



by Suz
May 2009

Do well in the first grade, they tell you in school,
And you’ll do well in second. That is the rule.

And do well in second grade, as you all know,
The easier third grade will be when you go.

Get that diploma, surpass all your peers
So the best college will offer four years.

Do well the first four and then the next two.
Then a great job might be offered to you.
Then when you land it, stay for a time
Until you’re prepared to move up the line.

And so on and so forth through life we all go,
Preparing, rehearsing, perfecting the show.

I believe in preparing and working toward goals.
I’ve worked and succeeded in some of my roles.
Preparation is needed. Without it we fail.
But I always remember one little detail.

Life’s at play now and remember that fact
While running the scene or rehearsing the act,
At some point we have to put on the play
And hope that it doesn’t close the same day.

We have some graduates in our midsts this time of year and I congratulate them all and wish them the best of everything life has to offer. But I also like to think that most of them have had a great time during their school years, and although they had a goal to reach, they enjoyed the journey for what it was and not just a way to get to the next step in their lives.

And a tip of my hat and a big hug goes to Emily, who graduates from UNH in a couple of weeks. If anyone ever kept their eye on the now while looking toward their future, I think it is Emzer. She is a great young woman, and I can't believe she has reached this step in her life. She was the cutest little kid when I first met her and I am as proud as a "fake Mom" can be of her "fake daughter, now a beautiful young woman!

Congratulations To Emily and All the Other Graduates who read this blog! Way to go!

Have a great day,


  1. What more can the "real" father say...thanks Sue.

    St. G

  2. My favorite quote to go with this blog - "You have to be present to win." (was it Woody Allen?)


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