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Friday, May 15, 2009

Morning Folks May 15, 2009

I guess I am about at the end of the procrastination period before I pack for my 3 month stay on the Cape. I guess that's because we are leaving the day after tomorrow. So, after I post this (another excuse to procrastinate), I will be rummaging through clothes, making lists, doing laundry, ironing and organizing my "stuff".

Ed will be driving up there with me and then flying back home next week. He'll come back at the end of July and have a nice long vacation with me there. I am so lucky to have a husband who doesn't mind fending for himself or being alone for so long. And, who doesn't mind working to support my Massachusetts habit! Thanks, Sweetiepie.

I have a busy agenda planned, too. Memorial Day weekend, my cousin Liz
and her daughter Nicole
are flying out from California to rendezvous in Stow where we will be joined by Liz's folks, Lee and Kath Waters who live in Maine.

We are staying at a B&B in Stow The Amerscott B&BMy room at the B&B.

We will be going to the Wadsworth cemetery to tend to family gravesites (and to get some valuable genealogical information. Cemeteries are always full of great info.) Then, we will take a tour of Sudbury and surrounding towns finding homes where Aunt Kath and Uncle Lee lived during their childhoods. We have voice recorders, cameras and notebooks at the ready to get all that history down. I am calling it our Magical History Tour. It will be great fun.

On Monday, Uncle Lee and Aunt Kath want to see the Sudbury Memorial Day parade, which is always a great way to commemorate the day. On Tuesday, they will follow me to the Cape where we will spend a couple of relaxing days before they head up to Maine, where Lee and Kath now live. That will be lots of fun.

Then, I have several social events coming up, including a conference in Yarmouth where I will see all my former colleagues at the Mass Municipal Accountant and Auditor's Association meeting. We accountants know how to par-tay!
Partying Accountant.

And we have two weddings to attend later in the summer that we all are so excited about.

Ed's Niece Alison, who is from the Cape, is getting married at the end of July.

And, of course, my Bill and Kim are getting married in August (How wonderful!)

And, I have lots of other family and friends to visit and that will be lots of fun. I got into trouble last summer because I never made plans with Linder. That won't happen again, Kiddo.

I have a class reunion committee meeting to go to in the middle of June. I've been doing all that work by e-mail so it will be nice to see everybody in person. Forty years! Wow.
Planning the reunions is always fun.

Earlier in the day of the meeting, I have made a golf date with a classmate. That should be interesting. I am going to try not to embarrass myself! You know how highschool kids talk.

Speaking of golf, the other day we had our farewell round with our friends, the Perini family, here in TN.

You might remember them from my blog back on March 18, 2009. (click on the archive at the right side of the page) Ray and I were teammates again and Ed and Ray's wife Carolyn were a team. We played select shot like we did the last time when Ed and Carolyn beat us by one stroke. Their son George was along, too, encouraging as always. But, this time, we won!!! We shot a 41 and they shot a 46. Thanks for so many laughs and a lot of fun out there, my friends. I'll be back at the end of August and we'll play a tie breaker!

Victory is sweet.

Someone has to lose.

I really should be careful not to give you all the wrong impression. Ray and I only used a few of my shots, but there were a few impressive ones. Ed bought me new "women's" clubs for our anniversary. That has helped me some. But, I am still struggling and usually 3 or 4 putt every hole. But my chipping is much better and I think my drives, although not longer, are straighter. So, it's all good.

So, my next blog will be posted from Massachusetts.

Weddings, history tours, reunions, golf...Do you think I can fit in some beach time while I am up there? Watch me!

I better go start packing. Have a great week.


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  1. Hey Susie - "little John" graduated tonight - we couldn't be more proud! Where does the time go? He's off to law school in the fall- just what the MacKinnon family could have used back in the day - a lawyer in the family! Oh well better late than never. Find us when you are back this summer! L-L & J


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