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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Morning Folks April 28, 2008

This morning it's just me and our littlest grandchild Indigo Grace. Up at 7:30 for eggs, toast and Mickey's Clubhouse on TV. That went pretty well. A planned trip to the playground was unfortunately postponed due to the weather and Grandma had to find something to occupy a 2 1/2 year old. That isn't always easy. She quickly tires of the Lego and puzzles we bought. But, Grandma found a fairly captivating game for her this morning. I think I would have been a great pre-school teacher. Sorting colored paperclips.

Miniature baskets become intriguing in little hands. The favorite pink paperclips, however all go into an Altoids box and can never be comingled again, according to Indigo.
Chain making in the advanced paper clip class. Next on the field trip to Grandma's house was the visit to the arboretum, that is the cactus on the file cabinet. The limited collection of botanicals didn't hold her attention too long, however. And then, of course. there was the traditional doing baby's hair. But Indigo isn't your traditional type and when the brush got tangled in the doll's hair and as it hung in mid-air Indigo said" Look Grandma, a pinata!" She is really a comedian and comes up with some very funny lines.

Grandpa's Patriot's Popcorn tin became the next object of attention and that seemed to be unlimited.

" Look, Grandma...I'm an alien!"

On stage. She sang MaresyDoats, among other things.

The photo shoot by the fan was next.

What a beauty.

She told me she was "blowing her fingernails away". I think she might have confused it with drying her fingernails off. 2 and a half is such a literal world.

Well, the sun might be coming out now so we may try that trip to the park. If not, between the two of us I don't think we will have any trouble coming up with something else to do today.

I hope you all have a great day, too! Love, Suz


  1. Indigo is getting so big. Her hair seems a little darker than Arabella's. She's a cutie!

  2. What daring pictures and such a happy child.

    Thanks for stopping by, I will be coming around often to see you posts.

    I did send you an email today.

    LOL:) Wanda


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