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Friday, November 30, 2007

Morning Folks Ducks and Rabbits 11 30 07

Morning Folks! Remember Saturday AM to say your rabbits. I hope I remember this month. I haven't been too good at remembering the last couple of months.

Now that we have dealt with the rabbits, let's talk about ducks! Ed and I spent the night after Thanksgiving in Memphis,, home of Elvis and Graceland, at the Peabody Hotel, the grand hotel of the south. This was a wedding gift from my pals back in Massachusetts.

The Peabody is a lovely old hotel and we were treated to special accomodations on the Club Level that included hot hors d'eouvres and wine at the cocktail hour in a special lounge, pastries with turn-down service at night and a special concierge just for that floor, which is the 12th floor, the top floor with a lovely view.

wine and hot hors d'eouvres in our private lounge. (They had chocolate chip cookies, too. yum.) Breakfast was served here in the morning. It was really very, very nice.

The room was really beautiful. Very elegant. One of the MOST comfortable beds I have slept in...EVER!

Ed agreed that it was very comfy!

After a lovely dinner in an Italian restaurant downstairs, we came back to the room to find pastries and bottled water. The Bose radio was playing beautiful classical music, the lights were low and a robe was laid out on the bed.

I enjoyed a glass of wine in my robe. (sorry my wine loving friends. It was white Zin.)

Elegant bath with TV and telephone.

nice shampoos. lotions and a ducky soap.

View of Memphis from top floor of the Peabody.

Lobby of the Peabody decorated for Christmas

Lansky's is a gentlemen's clothing store in the lobby. This is the store where Elvis bought his clothes. Ed had to try on a few things, including this fedora.

The Peabody is known for a tradition that started 70 years ago by a couple of duck hunters well into their cups thinking it would be funny to put live ducks in the lobby fountain. So ever since then, there are live ducks in the fountain in the lobby. They live on the roof, in the Duck Palace.

(At Thanksgiving dinner, I told our grandson we were going to this hotel where for almost 100 years they had ducks going up and down in the elevator, etc. He said "There are 100 year old ducks there?" I guess I didn't explain it very clearly. )

Each morning at 11:00, they are led into the elevator by the duckmaster and descend to the lobby where they waddle up the red carpeted steps into the fountain.

Lobby fountain awaiting ducks arrival.

People gathered all around and blocked our view, but it was still fun. At 5:00 every evening, they reverse the trip and go back up in the elevator to their rooftop palace.

The elevator floors are inlaid with a duck design. Everything is ducky at the Peabody.
One of the desserts in one of their restaurants with the "ducky" theme.

If we had more time we would have taken a carriage ride. One of several out in front of the hotel, this one was all lit up and was in the shape of Cinderella's coach.

This little guy, seated in the driver's seat and dressed like Santa was waiting for his next customer.

There was another carriage, too, but we don't think the driver ever bathes. YeeHaw! I don't think he had many customers.

We had a wonderful time. Thanks Kitty, Rick, George, Melinda, Elizabeth, Malaryn, Denny, Linda and Frank!

Have a great weekend! Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit~



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