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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Morning Folks 07 01 07 Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Morning Folks! It has been a while since I have posted anything. Don't know why, really. The inspiration wasn't there, or the timing wasn't right or some such thing. Whatever the reason, I have missed ye and I am back. And I feel like just rambling a little this morning. So get a cup a joe, sit back and relax a spell.

Today is July 1. Can you believe that? Well down here in TN they say this is just the beginning of the summer and that we have to go all the way through September before it ends. We have had 90+ temps since I got back from the Cape almost 2 weeks ago and it looks like more of the same in the foreseeable future. And it is humid and very sticky.

We had been having drought conditions since May, but lately every afternoon about three o'clock a monster thunderstorm that lasts about a half an hour appears, leaving lots of greenery where just a couple of weeks ago there were brown and dry lawns. Have you ever heard of Chirt before? That's what they call the soil down here. It isn't really soil but a mixture of dirt and chert, which is rock of some type. So the ground is pretty hard and when it is dry it might just as well be all rock. As a result, I haven't done much gardening. I would need a backhoe to create a bed. Although Ed said he would help me turn over a spot and spread some topsoil when he gets a chance.

But it is so hot, who wants to get out there anyway?

 >Ed has been really busy, though, working long overtime hours some nights and usually 6 days a week. Because he is on the 3-11:30 PM shift, when they give him overtime he doesn't get home until almost 4AM. That is not good for either of us, especially Ed.

But it looks like he may be switching to day shift any time now. He works hard for the USPS, if you didn't know that already. And thanks for the extra 2 cents, by the way.

It will be nice to have Ed home with me in the evenings. Although I will probably be watching a lot more Law and Order and the History channel.
At least it isn't football season yet. Down here they live and breathe football. Oh boy, can't wait.

Go Pats

I suppose it sounds like I am complaining about Tennessee. It is hot and humid and it took me a while to find a hairdresser, but I finally got my hair did the way I like it. And I cain't hardly unnerstand anythang they says down har, but I am gittin' used to it, I reckon. But I must honestly say that after returning from 2 weeks on the Cape in June, for the first time I felt like I was coming home when I got back to Ooltewah. They say home is where the heart is.

Well, my heart is in at least two places now. Hmmm. That happened when I wasn't looking some how. So it's all good.

I promised more cruise pictures, and I will get those up soon, promise. I have them on my screensaver and have been enjoying them myself. So, stay tuned and I will see what I can do about sharing them with you.

For now, have a wonderful day. Hope all is well with all y'all.



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