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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Morning Folks 06 17 07

Guess what I did tonight? Kathy (Ed's sister) took me to a concert at the Cape Cod Melody tent for an early birthday present. We saw TAYLOR HICKS!!!!

For those of you who don't know, Taylor was last year's American Idol. The only contestant I have ever bothered to vote for and the only contestant I actually did a blog about. Go to my archived postings and find May 1, 2006-June 1, 206 and scroll down until you find May 4, 2006.

That blog was posted before he won later in May of 2006, but I knew he had that something special!

We weren't supposed to take any pictures, but I couldn't help myself and everyone else was taking them. I didn't get great pix, but I did get some. The sound system wasn't the best for this kind of band and the instruments drowned out his voice for a lot of the songs. He has such an appealing voice, it was too bad we couldn't hear him more clearly. It was very loud but certainly got us all up dancing and clapping. He has a very good band, with two drummers, a bass guitar and lead, keyboard and even one guy that played sax, tenor sax, flute and I don't know what else. I knew Taylor played the harmonica, but never knew he played guitar. He plays very well. Although he is only 29 years old, his audience was filled with middle aged women! There were people there of all ages, but many of them were my age. He does expend energy up there dancing, playing the guitar, the harmonica and singing his heart out. He never stands still and he didn't stop from the time he stepped onto the stage to the time he left it about an hour and a half later.

It was a wonderful birthday present. Thanks Kathy!

I am heading home to Tennessee on Tuesday and will post more of the pix from our cruise once I get back to my desktop computer.
Have a great Monday!


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