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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Morning Folks 07 04 06

Here are a few pictures I took while I was on the Cape over the weekend when Maddie and Gabe were up from Florida visiting at Chuck's house. I didn't do a very good job getting everyone. I have no picture of Lizzie's face, only the back of her head and I missed pictures of Becky, Eric and Adam altogether. But here is what I did get. It was much too quick a visit. I hurt my back the night before on a boat in choppy water. I was not feeling my best, so I hobbled off home before I had the chance to visit much. Next time I hope to be a little more sociable. Maybe if I could have managed to sit down, I could have stayed longer!

Monica, Corina and Lizzie deep in conversation. Sorry, Lizzie. I know that's you, but nobody else will.
Madelyn is under that disguise somewhere. She came all the way from Florida to go to the beach at the Cape. Hmmmm. It was good to see her again, though. I wish we'd had more time. Well, I will just have to go all the way to Florida to see them again. It will be a sacrifice, but I think I will find a way to manage.
Jessie just accepted a teaching job in Phoenix, AZ. She just decided and the news is all very new.
She leaves August 1 and we will miss her.
But at least she will have summers off so she can come home for long visits. Good Luck Jessie, and Congratulations!

Someone is telling Maddie a painful story. Maybe I was telling her how I had fallen right on my you-know-what the night before . Ouch! Gabe looks pretty serious, too. Or bored. Can't quite tell. He is such a cutey. I am just so happy to have seen him 3 times in this last year.
Aren't the flowers pretty? Monica and I are trying to decide whether or not they are coriopsis. I think they are. But she thinks they are some kind of black-eyed susan. She is the gardner and knows much more than I do about them. But, whatever they are they are pretty. The whole garden looks really nice. Lavender, hydrangea, roses. Beautiful.
Corina and Erik, proud parents, are looking forward to spending the summer enjoying Skylar experience some 'firsts', like amusement parks. He is now tall enough to go on some of the rides. Will he be like Mommy, the daredevil who goes on every ride, the scarier the better? Or will he be like his Daddy, the sensible down-to-earth adult who knows, like my son Bill says, 'nobody over the age of seventeen should spin'?

Sky brought his tools to Grampy's. I think there were repairs around the house that he was going to do for Grampy while he was visiting.

I think the grown-ups might have caused some confusion for little Sky, though. Auntie Suzy, Daddy and Mommy had a discussion about which was correct, the term monkey wrench or crescent wrench. Although I think that Sky preferred the term monkey wrench, Daddy explained that a monkey wrench was not the correct term, having been taught in school to use the correct term, which is crescent wrench. Auntie Suzie offered that the latin term was probably the correct way to refer to it. To which Daddy responded, 'ah yes, the old Crescidus Wrenchus' or something like that.

Poor kid got so confused that he put his tools away. I hope we haven't somehow discouraged a budding handyman.

Chuck is just worried that if we did discourage Sky, he may have to do his own repairs. Wonder if he will use a monkey wrench?

Happy Fourth Everyone!

Hope you all had a great holiday.


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