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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Morning Folks 12 14 05

"Once you begin to believe there is help 'out there,' you will know it to be true."-- Saint Bartholomew

I know this quote from Saint Bartholomew is supposed to be spiritual and on another night when I don't have so much to do and I feel a little better, maybe I would be able to think on a higher plane. But for now, I just need help getting things done in time for Christmas.

When I was a kid I used to lie on my bed when I was sent to my room to clean it, and I would close my eyes tight and wish with all my might that elves would come and clean it for me. I sometimes would fall asleep and before I opened my eyes I readied myself for the surprise that I knew would come, but it never did. My room was still a mess. This was a fairly regular occurance as my room was often in need of cleaning. As the years went by I was continually disappointed but I never completely gave up believing that they would come. In fact here I am several years older and still going to bed wishing elves would come during the night and do my laundry, at least.

I guess I took the Elves and the Shoemaker a little too seriously. But, I have figured it out and I know elves are not going to come in the night. And it really kind of sucks. But honestly, wouldn't it be just outstanding if it was true? I guess all we can realistically wish for is a surge of energy or a reprieve in the workload and continue to believe in oursELVES! Hey, did you notice that? Do you see what I see in that word???

Hey, Auntie Em! All this time I was waiting for help from the elves "out there" when all along all I had to do was look inside mysELF. In this case maybe it would be an advantage to have multiple personalities.

Ignore me, I am on medication! Have a great day and try to enjoy yoursELVES.


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