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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Morning Folks it's June 1. Rabbits to you all!

So, it is the first of June, Memorial Day weekend 2010 is history. I said my rabbits about midnight last night, but am not sure if I spoke to the cat before I said them. We'll see how June turns out. It's always a crap shoot anyway. But, it can't hurt to rub Buddha's belly once in a while. (Bill has a friend named Buddha, but I don't mean him.)

So, what's on my mind these days? Random things.

We spent a few days on the Cape last week when Ed's (foster) mother Mary passed away at age 87. She was a wonderful woman who inspired Ed and his brother Bob and taught them so much in the few years they lived there, but continued to teach them things about life they may never have learned from anyone else all through their adulthood. Bob and Ed did the eulogies for her. She had no children of her own, but she had a large family and many neighbors and friends who may as well have been family. We will miss her very much.

I have a classmate who has stage 4 cancer and although she wasn't a close friend back in high school, she was close enough to be part of my history. She was in our Campfire Girl group when we were in elementary school, so we do go back a ways. I got to know her again a little bit 10 years ago when she was on our reunion committee. But, she didn't attend our 40th last October, for obvious reasons it turns out. So, she is on my mind and my prayers go out to Pamela.

I have to decide whether to get Windows 7 or continue to limp along with Windows XP. Any war stories about migrating out there?
I am thinking about packing for my 2 months on the Cape which is coming up in 2 weeks. Bringing new cat Maggie along will present some interesting challenges. 17 hours in the car. What do we do about kitty litter on the trip? Hmmmm...

Then, she and I in a 32 foot trailer for 2 months. She is an indoor cat.

What about kitty litter in the trailer? Eeeeeooooooo. But, I will deal with it.

Let's see, what else...Oh yes, I wanted to welcome new gal pal and next door neighbor, Kathy to my blog community.

It has been such a joy not just to have a neighbor to talk to in a previously rather non-social neighborhood, but to have people like Kathy and her husband Ron right next door is a real blessing.

They are so much fun to be around; interesting, funny and so generous. You might remember from a blog last ?November, these are the people on whose deck our tree decided to fall. We hadn't even met them and weren't sure how they would take that sort of welcome to the neighborhood. Turns out, it broke the ice the same time it broke their deck. I will miss them when I go to the Cape and really am sad about that. But, it's so nice to have somebody to come home to who actually notices we've been gone! You all should be so lucky to have friends like these so nearby.

Well, I guess I will sign off. We are supposed to go golfing with Ray and George and Carolyn today. It's rather dismal and dreary with 50% chance of rain. It's already so muggy I had a hard time drying the dew off the table on the deck where I am sitting having my morning coffee with y'all. I hope we get a round in.

Have a great day.

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  1. I have Windows 7 on the laptop that I won and I have seen NO difference. I was really hesitant to have to learn a new system but for the past 2 months, nothing has been a challenge. The only I can't do is snap 2 windows side by side like they do in the commercial. I think it's me, not the computer.


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