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Monday, April 19, 2010

Suzie's Musings April 19, 2010

On Friday a group of six of our friends from Memorial Congregational
Church in Sudbury stopped at our home on their way to Biloxi where they are helping this week with the continuing rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina.

Hal and Betsy Cutler, their daughter Kathy and her 3children, Olivia, Tyler and Ryan arrived in their van after a 20+ hour ride. They only had time for a quick overnight with us but we had a lovely visit. We found time to enjoy some chatting and a glass of wine on the deck, good old Tennessee barbecue at Sticky Fingers in downtown Chattanooga, a little playtime with Maggie, a good night's sleep and a nice breakfast together the next morning.

We had a couple of other visitors that morning, too. We had our first hummingbird of the season visit our feeders.
Then, we spotted this guy in the yard. This was the first time I had ever seen a pilleated woodpecker and he spent quite a bit of time trying out various trees and stumps. It was very cool.

Once they get to Biloxi the group from church will meet up with others from our church who flew rather than drove down, as well as many others from all over the country who are volunteering a week to help rebuild homes.

I know that Back Bay Mission and the people of Biloxi are grateful for the dedication and generosity of these people who year after year have selflessly given their time and talent to those in need.  Ed and I really loved being able to help out in this small way and so enjoyed spending time with them this time as we did a couple of years ago when Hal and Betsy and different crew came through. And Maggie May was a big hit and she really enjoyed all the attention, but was very sad to see them go.

After the group left for Biloxi Saturday, Ed got me to the airport and I flew down to Florida to visit my good friend Ruth. We are in Sarasota where Ruth has a great condo right near Siesta Key Beach. Sunday it rained and we were forced to go shopping. Poor us!

Today, the sun came out and we spent some time by the pool where we just relaxed and enjoyed the scenery.

Happy Patriot's Day to you Massachusetts people. I hope the march to Concord wasn't too wet with all that flooding. (photo courtesy Dan Meenan)

My friend George was one of the Minutemen who recreate the 1775 march of the Sudbury militia to Concord in each year on April 19th.

And a Happy Birthday to George's daughter Lynn, who I call my "fake" daughter. She is in Biloxi this week with the rest of the crew!

Have a great week everyone.


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  1. Happy Patriots Day to you, fellow Massachusettsan! I also love the pileated woodpecker pictures. We have some of these guys in the woods around our house and adjacent to our neighborhood. Amazing creatures!


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