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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Morning Folks October 8 2009

Here I am on my way to my 40th high school reunion and just when I thought I had seen it all, lo and behold, Wifi on the plane! So, I thought it would be funny to do a blog from up here. I have my webcam, too, so I could conceivablye Skype someone from right here, but I don't have any head phones and it would be hard to hear.

Anyway, here I am at seat 25A. It's an aisle seat and an exit row so I have more room than usual. We are  cruising at 31,000 feet and due into Harford at about 11:00. So I better get going on this.

Here is a man heading down the aisle to the bathroom.

Here is the man in the seat next to me. He is from Washington state and his screen saver is a picture of his pumpkin patch. Coincidentally, he is wearing an orange shirt.

Here is a shot of the people behind me and maybe a little of the flight attendant. That man in the green is looking at me suspiciously, as he can see himself on camera.

And here is another view of what's in front of me. The flight attendent is giving out snacks. I didnt have any.
Here is another shot of the front of the plane.

Just for this flight Delta gave us free wfi, a value of $9.95. I feel like I won the lottery.

I  might get used to this. It's certainly passing the time. I am involved in a little competition with an online game called Bejeweled Blast with some friends on Facebook. It is kind of fun to be playing at 30,000 feet! But, even mnore fun to be blogging!

Next post, will undoubtedly have to do with my reunion, this weekend, and my visit with family and friends. I have plans to stay over night one night at Bill and Kim's new home. I am really looking forward to seeing how they have things set up.

I may not get to see Doug because he's busy when I'm free, and vice versa. But, we'll chat. In fact, I may IM him when I am done with the blog.

I am going to lunch with the work ladies tomorrow and then on to the reunion all weekend. But first, a stop in CT to spend the night with Cindy and Steve. I am sure their grandbabies will be there, too!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.


PS My battery ran out before I could post this. But, it was really, honestly written at 31,000 feet!

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