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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Morning Folks 09 29 09

I know this probably occurred to everyone before, and probably to me as well, but given my memory lately, I can't remember if it did. Where was I? Oh yeah. I was thinking today that I am, for the first time, older than the President of the United States. Thanks to Reagan, that didn't happen to my Dad until he was over 65 when Clinton took office. In fact, if John McCain had won, it wouldn't have happend to us for a while. So, that phenomenon is a little harder on us baby boomers than on my Dad's generation.

And, currently, most of us of my age, are probably older than our bosses. For a time on my last job I was older than my boss's mother. That was really demoralizing. She called me into her office one time to ask me advice on what she could tell her mother to set her at ease when she was heading for her first colonoscopy, knowing I had recently had that experience myself.

But, my point is, as we in my age group race toward completing our 6th decade, we have seen so many changes in our lifetime that it boggles the mind. When my grandchildren told me a year ago that they didn't know what a book of matches was, I was astounded. These kids won't know what life was like when TV was a novelty and color TV was a miracle; or that we had to look things up in the encyclopedia, (which we all knew how to spell, thanks to Jimminy Cricket)instead of Googling. And they can't relate to the fact that if you were going to be late coming home, not that most of us would have dared to be late, but if we were, we couldn't call home on the cell.

The Beatles remastered CDs is a fabulous thing. I can't wait to hear some of those old songs. Which just reminds me that my grandkids won't ever know what it was to go down to the record store and buy a 45 for a buck or get those 3 LP albums in the mail from BMG, before getting into trouble when they start coming twice a month because you never send back the card to stop them from coming. Oh those were the days.I almost missed the 8 track period, having only purchased two, Chuck Mangione and J Geils. And now, all they do is download the songs into an Ipod. What the heck? Some of this stuff has gone just a little fast for me.

My granddaughter and I baked a cake a few weeks ago and took some photos of it. She asked me to send her the photos and I thought,when I was her age I had to wait until the last picture on the film was taken, bring it to the drugstore and wait a week before I could get the picture and then mail it to her, for 23 cents. That must be why so many of my photos were a year old before I got them developed!

Yup, time does fly. And most changes I have seen have been for the better. Although I still think that the president should be older than me. Yes, I am older than the president, but not yet older than dirt. And there is certainly comfort in the fact that more of us on the planet remember life before pantyhose than not.

Have a wonderful day, all you oldies but goodies. And today when you are updating your Facebook page or charging your cell phone, remember that someday, our grandkids will think it's kind of funny that we were ever younger than anyone!

PS If I don't post anything tomorrow, remember to say your rabbits on Thursday.

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  1. did john maclean draw the three headed man like his cousin bob?


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