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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Morning Folks 6-29-09

Sunday night Kathy, (Ed's sister) and I went to a concert at the local cultural center. I hadn't ever heard of any of the three musicians we were going to hear but I was glad we went. The three people were Aoife (Effie) Clancy who is one of the Divas of Irish and contempory folk music and has performed as soloist with the Boston Symphony, the Pops and made several CDs.

With her was Chuck Colley who played guitar and Dobro

He also sang and was the writer of many of the original songs they presented. He is a bluegrass artist The Dobro is an interesting instrument, a type of resonator guitar, played like the steel guitar, on the lap. It's louder than a regular guitar and he put metal picks on a couple of the fingers on his right hand to pick the strings and with his left hand, he used a metal slide on the strings at the neck of the instrument. We only know what it is called because Kathy asked him during the break.

The third member of the trio was Eric Wendelsken who played the stand up bass, the mandolin and sang. He also wrote several of the original songs they did. He is a bluegrass artist and a Celtic artist.

Aoife is an Irish red head and has a lovely voice. Eric and Chuck are both Americans and only recently joined forces with Aoife.

They were very good and performed folk, Irish, bluegrass and even some Bob Dylan songs. Wine and cheese was served during the break and it was a very enjoyable night.

Today, Monday the 29th, is my brother Chuck's birthday, so Happy Birthday, Chuck.

But it is also going to be the birthday of my niece Angie's second baby, my sister Cindy's first granddaughter. She is having a scheduled C-section and my blessings go out to her and the new little one who we can't wait to meet! Welcome to the family little one, whoever you are! We will know the name soon!

Have a great day everyone.

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