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Friday, March 06, 2009

Morning Folks 03 06 09

Our guests, St. George and Melonhead.

Morning Folks! We had the pleasure of welcoming our friends George and Melinda to our home this week. We affectionately refer to George as Saint George, because of his role as Treasurer in our church. I affectionately refer to Melinda as Melonhead because...well, just because. We only had them for 3 days and it wasn't long enough. But we had a wonderful visit. We chatted and chatted and chatted. Saw some of the sights and although it was fah-reezing, a bluebird visited on the last evening before they left. I had promised bluebirds and other signs of spring. Actually, they spent Sat and Sunday in Gatlinburg in a snowstorm before they got here. And once they were here, it was 19 one morning when we got up and never got past 42. It was sunny and clear, though. There were definitely daffodils in some spots and even some flowering trees starting. But it was a little early to appreciate the difference between New England and Tennessee. That is until we heard about the 15 inches of snow they got up there in Massachusetts the first day they were here. At least they didn't have to shovel their driveway.

Connors on Lookout Mountain before we got on the Incline Railroad. Lookout Mountain is an 85 mile long plateau located in Alabama, Georgia and a little part in TN.

I was soooooo cold. Us southerners aren't as hearty as those Yankees.

We took a ride on the Incline Railroad which runs up the side of Lookout Mountain. We started at the top and took a round trip. It looks scary, but it's pretty tame. Supposedly the steepest inclined railroad (Funicular) in the world, it has been running for more than 100 years. There are two cars on a single inch and a half thick cable. The weight of one going downhill, brings the other one uphill. They pass on a double track in the middle.

Geo in forefront. Mel further down the car. Notice the variety of headwear? George in a ball cap, two cowboys and a yarmulke down front.

The other car passes us.

George inclined.

Men, men, men, men...

Of course the obligatory tourist shop can be found at either end.

That same day we went to Point Park, a spot on the mountain just up the road from the railway where the battle of Chattanooga was fought. Before we went into the park, we stopped at a little tourist store and museum where there were Civil War books and trinkets. There is also a diarama of the battle there, but we didn't go into that. I learned later that it used to be called the "Confederama". Hmmm. While we were poking around in the store and looking at the Civil War relics, George found a book on the presidents and quizzed Ed on presidential trivia endlessly while Melinda and I waited patiently. Ed had to buy the book. After he made his purchase, we walked across the street to the park.

There are wonderful views.
We took a 'little hike' to a museum on the side of the mountain that we found was closed when we arrived. It was an uphill return hike but it kept our minds off the temperature. Brrrrrrr.
Daredevil George had to go out on that ledge!
Ignoring the signs.

View from Point Park

The next day it was even colder and we drove downtown for a little tour of the area. We walked the Walnut Street bridge, one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world. It spans the Tennessee River. It was so windy and so cold. But, George and Melinda strolled along like it was just another breezy day in March.
On Walnut St. Bridge, overlooking Coolidge Park and the Tennessee River, with Lookout Mountain in the background. It was so cold on the bridge that morning that I longed for the balmy temperatures on Lookout Mountain the day before.

Along the way to the bridge, there are dance footprints on the sidewalk and we tried out a couple of moves. It warmed us up a little, but I think we needed music.

We had a nice lunch at the nearest restaurant with heat and a bathroom...Subway. But it had a great view of the river!

Then, we went to Ringold, GA to visit a quilt shop that I wanted Melinda to see. In addition to some lovely fabric, they have a couch and a TV for the men to watch while the womenfolk spend hours poking around in the fabric. Ed and George got cozy and watched Kojak and Magnum PI.

Then we stopped at the local Fresh Market and got a couple of steaks for supper and headed home to take our naps. Naps were a highlight of the two afternoons they spent with us, although I don't think anyone but Ed really got to sleep.

As if they knew we would soon be saying goodbye, the bluebirds made an appearance in the backyard before dinner that last evening.

It was too quick a visit, but so great to see them. And so sad to see them leave.

Melinda waves goodbye. Boo hoo!

It's going to be in the 70s today. I think they should come back.
Have a great day. Hug a friend.


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  1. Love the couch in Quilt Shoppe. I have the same one in my living room!

    from Susan, Kathy Watson's friend in Maryland


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