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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Morning Folks 03 08 08

Tonight before we go to bed, we turn our clocks ahead. This is the time we lose that hour of sleep. Thank goodness for the news or I might have gotten to church after it was over tomorrow.

Speaking of news, have you noticed the names of news anchors, reporters, etc. are really different than they once were? For example, Boston names that come to mind from the present and the past are good strong TV names like Jack Chase, Jack Williams
Tom Ellis, Chet Curtis and Natalie Jacobson.

These days, some of the names of Bostons' local news personalities are Janet Wu, Sorboni Banerjee, Lauren Przybyl (I have no idea how that one is pronounced) and

Hank Phillippi Ryan, which wouldn't be such a strange name, except that it is a woman's name. Yes, they still have Ed Harding, Mike Lynch, and David Brown, sort of normal TV names. But what about Heather Unruh, Kelly Tutthill, Shiba Russell and J.C. Monahan, also a woman.

Here in Chattanooga some of the names are Nordia Epps, Rachel Withers, Elishah Oesch, and Johnny Wood, who in Boston would probably call himself Jack.

And there is Scottie Goodman, Chattanooga's own woman anchor with a man's name.

There is one guy who has been on the air so long they just call him Luther. No last name... just Luther.

The news down here is more homey and less sophisticated than I am used to up in Boston. In fact, it isn't that uncommon for newscasters to have facial hair here in TN.

. Don Welch Paul Barys

I can't think of any bearded personalities on Boston news programs, can you?

Then there is my favorite, the anchor for the ABC affiliate, Calvin Sneed. The first time I heard his name I thought, "Oh dear, what kind of place is this where their nightly anchor's name sounds like a cross between a puppet and a cartoon character? He is actually one of the reporters I like best down here. He is very articulate and intelligent, more so than some of the anchors down here, but I still chuckle when I hear his name.

The content of their news stories are for the most part the same as they would be anywhere. Whenever there is a dusting of snow, however, it is the top story of the day and everything stops and schools close. And lately there have been a lot of school closings due to illness, not a normal situation at all.
They have been working on the story of Georgia's desire to annex some of Tennessee that includes the Tennessee River so that Georgia won't have such a hard time in the next drought. That isn't a very popular idea down here.
There are a lot of stories about local church activities, like bean suppers and Easter Egg hunts. And of course they also give fishing forecasts every day.

It might not be the Boston News scene down here, but they did report that it is time to turn those clocks ahead tonight. So, enjoy your weekend, even if it is an hour shorter. And as Jack Chase used to say back in the 50s, "So long and make it a good day."


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