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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Morning Folks 01 22 08

Early in the month I drove out to OK with Ed who had a 4 week class in Norman. After spending a few days out west, I flew back to TN alone, repacked my suitcase, losing the long johns and packing the capris before heading off for a whirlwind trip to FL.

First I spent a few days with sister-in-law Kathy in Kissimee. We went to a few shops, visited with her friends John and Lee, and went to Cyprus Gardens. The weather was gorgeous, not hot, but just right. Cyprus Gardens is a quiet, slow-paced spot. Children and husbands might find it less than exciting, but we had fun.

The Christmas season is big at Cyprus Gardens. We were there right after that when there weren't many people, making it a nice, relaxed day.

Giant Topiaries were really a amazing.

Duck and a swan.
Working on the snail
My favorite, the Cardinal made out of red begonias.
Here you can see the scale and appreciate how large the topiaries are.
They had many shows going on, including a 50s show right inside the little restaurant where we had dessert. Kathy had carrot cake and I had keylime pie. Mmmmmmm.
Kathy doesn't know I took this one! She'll probably kill me.

Neither of us really loved the reptile show. Eeeeeyoooooo.

The waterskiing show was fun, though.

And the flowers were really beautiful in spite of the fact that this wasn't even their best season. Most things had gone by. But the scenery was really lovely. And I think it would be nice to go back when everything is in full bloom.

Here you see I may have overdressed for the occasion. (That really isn't me, but I can see how you would make that mistake.)

After I left Kathy's I spent a few days with my Dad and Inez in Naples. We celebrated Inez's birthday while I was there. And she and I did a lot of shopping. I spent some time on the lanai near their pool. It was a little chilly, though, so I didn't really have a chance to get a tan or take a dip. We had a nice visit but I took almost no pictures, although I do have a video of Dad and Inez that I will post on another blog in the future.

After leaving Dad's I drove to Boca Raton to spend the night with my nephew Gabe, his wife Madelyn and the newest member of the Hall family, Angelina Ashley Hall.

She is 6 months old and she is a doll...a drooly little doll, since she is teething. She has the sweetest disposition and although I don't have a picture of it, she and Tia Abuela Suzie spent a long time cuddling. I instantly fell in love.

I am including a video we took of Angelina, which is why I didn't post the video I have of Dad. I can only put one video on per blog, I think. Sorry, Dad. Your movie debut will have to wait a little while longer.

It was a quick trip and I put a lot of miles on that rental car. Alligator Alley was a snap, although I did make sure I had enough gas before I headed over to the east coast. I have heard some stories about that road. And, hopefully next time I will have Ed with me and we will have more time to spend with everybody and see the folks that we weren't able to see this trip. And, I think maybe I will wait for the weather to get a little warmer. I am not used to wearing a sweater in Florida!

So now I am home for a little while before I repack those longjohns and fly back to OK where I will spend a few more days while Ed finishes up his class before we both drive home in time for the Superbowl. Go Pats!

Have a great day, everyone.
Click on the arrow to play the video.

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