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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Morning Folks March 1 2007 Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit everybody. Don't forget the March Hare today. LOL

Well, I haven't gotten around to uploading our cruise pictures yet. but I will soon.
Meanwhile, last Sunday night we had our little granddaughter Indigo for her very first overnight anywhere.

We tried to keep her busy and keep her mind off of missing her family. We went to Build-a-bear workshop and she built a puppy instead of a bear. Puppy is one of her favorite words these days . So rather than a bear, we built a puppy. I think we liked it better than she did, though. A little young for that yet. We took her on a walk through the neighborhood; we played with puzzles and blocks and baby dolls.

She loves her Grandpa and says his name all the time. However, that's what she calls me too, unless I remind her that I am Grandma. She talks a mile a minute but I usually can't tell what she's talking about. However, she does love hats.

We watched Barney on TV while she was here and they made newspaper hats, so we did too. She loved that!

So, when Grampa went to work, Grandma and Indigo went hat shopping.

"This one had Dora the Explorer on it, but it just didn't do anything for me. So we didn' t get this one."

"This one is cute, but just a little too frilly for me. "

"This one makes me look all business, but I wasn't in a business mood that day."

"Yo, dog! So cool. You can't see it, but although there is a pink brim and pink trim, the rest of the hat is cammo. My peeps will think I am really bad when I stroll through the hood. Grandma bought it for me."

"Hmmm. I think I really like this one. "

"Yup, I think it's me. "

"Let's get this one too Grandma!"

And speaking of grandchildren, I would be remiss not to mention that my sister Cindy and her husband Steve became grandparents on February 16.

Angie, my little Angie Banjie, had a baby boy named William Henry and he is adorable. I can't believe she is a Mother!

So sweet and so little. I think they are calling him Will. But that might change.

I knowCindy will be sending more photos soon. I haven't had any for almost two weeks now!

The newest member of the family. That's two great grandsons for my Dad and Mom. Wow!

Auntie Steff has fallen in love.

Very Proud Grandparents, Steve and Cindy hold their little bundle of joy.

I can't wait to meet him in April! Congratulations to you all!

Have a wonderful day everyone.



Monday, February 19, 2007

Morning Folks 02 19 2007

Our ship

Hola! We are back from our cruise to Cozumel and Playa del Carmen. We had a blast.

We left out of Mobile AL. This is a port owned and operated by the teacher's retirement system in Mobile. They derive their income from this cruise terminal and the retired teachers volunteer their time in order to keep the place running at a profit. I thought that was pretty interesting.

We went with Ed's sister Kathy and her husband George and Ed's brother Bob and his wife Susan.

Formal night-LtoR George, Kathy, Ed, Me, Susan and Bob.

Love birds.

I haven't downloaded our pictures from the other camera yet. These few photos are taken by the cruise photographers that are everywhere.

We left on Monday afternoon and cruised all day Tuesday arriving at Cozumel on Wednesday. Mayan Indians greeted us and of course there was a photographer there.

Chakanaab National Park

It was beautiful weather. We went to Chakanaab National Park where we snorkled and swam with the dolphins. That was the highlight of our shore excursions and the only pictures I have downloaded so far. They had large areas in the ocean where the dolphins were swimming. We stood on a platform about waist deep.

This is Tatich.

We were taught the hand signals and body language for them to do a few tricks: The hug, the kiss and the belly ride. We got off the platform into deep water where we swam out and were brought back by the dolphins. There were two with our group. A male named Tatich and a female called Ariel. They are beautiful creatures and it really was a wonderful experience.

Tatich gives Bob a kiss.

Ed and Tatich making out.

I am not sure if George was kissing Tatich or Ariel.

We had very fashionable life jackets on.

Bob gives Tatich a hug

Susan is pulled along by Ariel. The dolphins lay on their backs and we held on to their flippers.

Ariel gave me a ride, too. Not a great picture, But you get the idea.

George goes for a ride.

Kathy gets a hug.

Kathy goes for a ride.

Big Smooch Goodbye!


It was so much fun!

Stay tuned for more pictures. Kathy will probably be posting pictures to her blog, too. Just go to my links over on the right side of my blog and click on Kathy's blog from time to time to see what she has posted as well.

Have a great day!



Thursday, February 01, 2007

Morning Folks Feb 1 2007

So Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit to you all. Did you remember to say it this AM? Ed did but I didn't. Rats! Rats! Rats!

Today in Tennessee it snowed.

Now to us Yankees that's no big deal. But these people began canceling school a week ago when they predicted a "wintry mix". They just panic when they see a flake or two or even hear about one within 100 miles.

They probably do have good reason,when you think about it, because nobody knows how to drive in it and they just don't have the equipment or the sand and salt that New Englanders are so used to. They have such a little bit of snow, they don't even refer to it as plowing. They said this morning on the news that crews were out "scraping". I was surprised to know they even had "scraping" equipment!

Plus, around here there are lots and lots of hills. And lots of windy roads with deep ditches on each side as opposed to shoulders like we have. So, I guess they have reason to worry. But, it is kind of funny that it's all they can talk about around here.

If you click on this picture you can enlarge it and see that we STILL have a few boxes to unpack!

It will be fun identifying these trees when spring gets here in another 6 weeks from tomorrow. They look like they are flowering trees of some kind. And the shrubs around the front door are roses. We have a lovely silver wreath hanger, with our name engraved on it hanging on the door. That is a Christmas gift from Kim! Thanks, it is very pretty!

This is a shot from the French doors in our great room that open out to the deck. No deck furniture yet. But we have a grill! I usually see bluebirds in that oak tree to the right.

Here is a good shot of how hilly it is out here. This is taken from the deck. In the background is a school which is at the entrance to our subdivision.

See the lawn poking out of the snow? And the grass is short and dead! So, you can imagine how little snow really did fall. Our to the right neighbors are pretty close, but that's how they are here in the suburbs. We don't mind at all. Some folks on the street have stopped to introduce themselves while driving by and people are friendly and wave but keep to themselves.

We haven't met these next door neighbors yet.But we have met their dog. He seems very nice.

Our weather is heading northeast and according to the weather report most of you in the New England area will be getting 4 inches or so tomorrow but your temps are going to be 10 below with the windchill. Keep those home fires burning. I sure hope Puxatawney Phil doesn't see his shadow tomorrow!



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