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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Morning Folks September 12, 2007

I looked back and couldn't believe my last posting was July 18. Lots of time has ticked by since then. My mother got very sick around that time and we drove to Florida to see her. Although we didn't spend a long time there, I am glad that we went. As most of you know, she passed away less than a month later while we were on the Cape.

So we spent some time in Sudbury where we had a small private service and we were reunited with some of the Waters clan. It was real nice to see them again. Lifelong friends, the Petersen family joined us there. They are family, too.
Uncle Lee, Cousins Dianne and Danny and me.
Aunt Kath and Gloria Petersen.

Robin and Gordie Petersen and Robin's husband Peter.
So, that was tough and we are still dealing with some of the business end of things, but that will fall into place, I am sure.

I was lucky enough to spend a whole month on the Cape this summer. Ed and I have a trailer just a mile from the beach. Ed was there with me for a couple of weeks, but had to leave to go back to work. Poor guy. Someone has to earn a paycheck so we can pay for my vacations!

The Cape is a sacred space to me. So much beauty. So many wonderful memories throughout my life.

Cotuit on an August morning.

Our old cottage as it looks today on Uncle Rolf Rd., Dennisport, where Ed and I first met 40+ years ago. We danced to Elvis on that patio behind those pillars on the left.
Here is our new deck by our trailer in Bass River, South Yarmouth. Ed and his friend built the deck in two days this summer. A great spot for cookouts.

The summer was winding down when I left. Sunny days, chilly nights. The neighbor's hydrangae colors, once vivid, are now muted. Impatience appear brighter. Perhaps they know their days are numbered.

A windy afternoon in early September on West Dennis Beach. The gulls are grounded waiting for the winds to die down before continuing their endless flight.

I had a chance to see family and friends that I have been missing.
Doug and Bill came down for the day to help me celebrate my birthday...39...again.

I was able to go in to work for a couple of days at my old office in Sudbury. I actually remembered some of what I used to do, now almost a year since last I worked riding a bike. My friends Melinda and George put me up in their guest room. I have stayed there so many times they now call it Sue's room.

We went to Ed's brother-in-law's retirement party on the Cape and saw lots of Ed's family. Ed's sister Kathy lives nearby and owns the trailer park where we have our trailer. She hosted the event. Ed's brother and sister-in-law flew in from Louisville. Ed's sister-in-law Susan and brother Bob; Me, Ed, niece Joanna, Kathy, Nieces Erin and Allison, George, retiree Yarmouth FD.

Then. as we started out on our drive home to TN we stopped along the way for my sister Cindy's surprise 50th in Sturbridge. It was great fun for everyone...except Cindy. She was really sick and had to go home early. Poor kid.

Steve and Cindy at the moment of surprise. She always closes her eyes!!!

But we kept the party going after Angie drove her home and had a great time with all the family gathered there. I spent time with my kids again and even got to visit with Dad and Inez, who flew up for the occasion.
Will, Cindy's grandson, her daughter Angie and hubby Steve. Steve and Angie planned everything for the party at the Publick House. It was a blast.

Ed and niece Steffala.

Inez and Becky Chuck and Monica
Chuck's oldest daughter, Corina, Chuck, Dad, Skylar and Eric, Corina's husband.

Chuck's grandson Skylar and daughter Lizzie.

The 3 Williams: Will, Cindy's grandson, Billy and Dad.

So, yes, it has been a busy couple of months. But I am home now and back at my desk here in TN. It is good to be home and great to be back in this space here with you all.

Glendon Road Beach, Dennisport

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.

Joseph Campbell

Have a wonderful day, everyone.


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