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Friday, April 06, 2007

Morning Folks 04 06 07

Happy Birthday to Doug!

My son is 31 years old today. Hard to believe that. Harder to believe I have a son that age, don't you think? (Shamelessly fishing for compliments.)

Doug about 6 weeks old

(remember, clicking on the photos should enlarge them)

At our wedding in May with his brother Bill.

Doug's toast to Ed and I. He made me so proud that day as he toasted us and welcomed Ed and his family into ours.

At our wedding and again in August, my boys got to know their two new brothers John and Joe. And, their new niece Arabella and nephew Zeppelin are very fond of their new uncles. Zeppelin is Doug's biggest fan and Doug is now a member in his spy club. (Zeppelin's spy club, not Doug's.)

Bil, Kim, Ed, me, Becky and the Birthday Boy.
This was taken the last time we were together last October. I miss him and his brother very much but will be seeing them in a couple of weeks.

My two boys , as kids they were typical bickering bros. Now they are great friends and a support for one another.

It is tough being so far away on Doug's special day, but I know his brother and friends will help him celebrate.
He has grown up into a fine young man of whom I am very proud.


Have a great day everyone!


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