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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Morning Folks 10 01 06

First things First- Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!

Now, that it is October, let me tell you how I spent my September.

As you know from prior postings, my home has been on the very slow real estate market in preparation of moving to TN.

We listed it with my friends, husband and wife tag-team John and Laurel and had the first showing and open house the last weekend in August.

Within days of listing it, a realtor from another office whose name indicated he is not from these parts, showed the house once or twice, apparently to the same customer. That customer and that realtor have never stopped negotiating...until last night!

This deal has been on, it's been off, it's been on, it's been off... It has been a roller coaster ride for me, Ed and John and Laurel, who have done everything they could think of to sell my house for me.

But back to the story...


Knowing that these buyers and their realtor were both from a part of the world where haggling and bartering are a way of life was a bit scary for me who absolutely hates negotiating. (As my Dad would tell you, that's why I bought a Saturn.) And the language barrier was a big problem. For poor John and Laurel trying to communicate with the other broker, Ram, and his non-English speaking customers became a challenge to put it mildly. John managed to get a little more comfortable with the language thing as time went by, but it was still really difficult.


We had a lot of going back and forth with issues with the driveway and garage.
Perhaps they needed a larger area to keep their vehicle.

But that was worked out along with a few other issues and although it seemed to drag on forever, they were about to sign the P&S when Ram left for India last week for a month! However, the couple seemed to have no idea of the sense of urgency in the timing of these things and the deadline for the P&S expired on Wednesday and the deal was dead. As it turned out the buyer was worried about recent layoffs where they worked and backed out of the deal. However, I made a decision to move in October anyway as it was high time to join my new husband in TN.

Disappointed, but not defeated, I booked a moving company for October 24. Ed arrives on Saturday, October 21.

The movers come on the 24th and Ed and I fly off into the sunset on the 26th.

Meanwhile, as John put it back on the market and prepared to run another open house for this Saturday, on Friday John called and said the father-in-law of the prospective buyer would like to buy the house! They want the same deal, no more negotiations, but he has to sign within 24 hours because he is leaving for a month's holiday in India on Saturday!

But by late morning yesterday we still didn't have anything signed. Again, there seemed to be no sense of urgency with these people and I began to lose hope again. But, John went into Super-Realtor mode yesterday and after another tense day of waiting and worrying, he left me a message which I only picked up at 11:55 last night just before I said my rabbits. In his message, (now speaking with a Hindi accent) John told me that he had met with the son-in-law of the buyer, now on his way to India, making John 2 hours late to his friend's 50th B-day party and resulting in his getting a speeding ticket, but he had delivered a signed P&S and congratulations were in order. So, my friends, we have a deal!

So today's blog is dedicated to John, my hero. I am not sure he will ever be the same after this deal. Believe me when I tell you that he has more than earned every last Rupee of his commission!

Have a great day!
Love, Suz

1 Rupee=0.217901478 US dollars

The actual P&S (just kidding)


  1. It is a good thing John believes in Saint Joseph! congrats: I am very glad it is over and our journey can continue. Love Ed

  2. Me too!! Now the next phase of your life begins. Not everyone gets a second phase of their life. Enjoy!!! Make many happy memories and many new adventures and buy a house with at least one or two spare bedrooms for all the company you'll be having from your northern friends!!!

  3. or should it read..."the WASP said...
    what exactly is St. Joe's forte'?
    congrats soob. it's also nice that you had one last laugh w/ the macks before flying south.
    very good blogger!


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